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CELEBRATE YOU photo shoot is your tribute to yourself, a journey to celebrate you, here and now


Experience the excitement, play, explore, discover what moves you from within


We'll add some extras to make your experience look and feel like a real celebration

Marie van Femme 
Amsterdam De Pijp

Daria Vinnik by Marie van Femme

photo shoot by Marie van Femme


incl. VAT

2 hours

in the studio

10 photos

of your choice, digital



🗝 discovery conversation
to shape your studio journey

🗝 step by step preparation guide 
to get 100% ready for the day

🗝 sparkling wine and a little surprise on set
to set the celebration mood

🗝 wide range of props, from jewelry to harnesses
to play around and get creative

🗝 fully guided 2 hour studio photo shoot
to let your most confident self shine

🗝 10 retouched high resolution digital photos
with printing permissions, to celebrate you

Marie van Femme
Amsterdam De Pijp
Marie van Femme Celebrate You photo shoot

🗝 There are so many ways we can express ourselves to the world: by being vulnerable, strong, delicate, rebellious, sensual, uncompromising, blunt and so much more. And what a precious experience it is to have these ever changing states captured. Letting yourself be who you choose to be at that moment, without boundaries or expectations, without scripts or hidden agendas. Just you, carefully guided by the artist behind the camera. Unforgettable journey back to self


🗝 The shoot went by in a flash. From the very beginning we were just enjoying the moment. So simple and yet amazing was that. All my expectations were fully met. And the result came out fantastic! This is “the me” that I even want to print out. And this is the best compliment from my perfectionistic self, believe me. To sum up, this is one of the best gifts I’ve ever organized for myself. Please, do it in order to celebrate and cherish the existence of your femininity and sexuality


🗝 It was one of those moments when you feel like you are gaining the power back, by being sexual vs being sexualized. I felt like I could express myself through her lens. It was never a moment where I could feel observed or objectified. It was the moment of owning my own image, without shame or judgement. I would recommend anyone to embark on that journey of self exploration and liberation with Marie


Amsterdam based photographer

I’m Marie van Femme,

a photographer, entrepreneur and female community leader.

I find my deepest inspiration in people like you: strong, daring, sincere, witty, authentic, curious, driven and self-made.

Seeing the universe inside of you is my gift. Showing that universe to you is my mission. Photography is an exceptional tool to translate one into another.

Join me on your path of self-exploration, self-celebration and self-love. Connection is a word that drives me the most.


Let's connect!

Marie van Femme by Fraai
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